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Decision of studying abroad is a challenging procedure to accomplish. Unless you are dedicated and patient, it’s rather harder to follow your dreams.

Seriousness of the procedures needs to be understood and experts’ guidance can be an additional ease to it. No need to be worried! We are providing you the basic steps to stride on for embarking your educational journey to excellence.

  • Research
    Do your research! Investigate courses, universities and their locations. Look up on the teaching modules, research opportunities, campus life and employment prospects before you narrow down your selection. You can ask your friends and family or reach out to the alumni of universities you are interested in for a wider perspective. Use Facebook or LinkedIn to reach out to them more effectively. Also, do remember to include your budget and available scholarships as a part of your research.
    One final word of advice – don’t trust everything you read online. Some reviews from other students might be influenced by a single negative personal experience or choosing a course that wasn’t right for them. It doesn’t always mean you will feel the same way.
  • Meet your academic counsellors at Western
    After making your research on the basis you need for your academic journey, make an appointment with the counsellors at Western who will help you with your academic counselling any time you require. Simply, present your wish list of abroad education and counsellors at Western can help you with ensuring your position in the university you have chosen.
  • Application procedure
    It is the most important procedure to follow ethically and legally with strictness. Your counsellor will personally contact your chosen university or school to ensure they convey the full picture to help improve your chances of acceptance.
  • Acceptance Offer
    After your application has been submitted in the respective colleges, the representatives in the universities will assess your application and notify you if the application has surpassed the application process.
    The process can be longer than a few weeks. On your application being successfully accepted, you will be offered an acceptance letter. You’ll have to go through the letter to get familiarized with the terms and conditions in the universities. It will be helpful to consult with your academic advisor. Your counsellor will help you to choose the best option if you are accepted to more than one courses or universities.
  • Student Visa
    You will have to apply for a student visa after you get the acceptance letter from the universities. Your counsellor will guide you through the process because of the varied formalities of different countries. Your required documents will be helpfully verified by the counsellor and sent for further process in the embassies.
  • Take your flight
    Completion of all these processes will make you legally eligible for setting off your journey abroad for study. You’ll have to do some important things such as exchanging money, insurance, SIM cards, opening a bank account, country rules and adapting to the new environment and cultures.

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